29 Gallon Tank Best House Plant to suck up nitrate?


Any good one you'd recommend? By the way I've tried Pothos and Sweet Potato but failed. It sounds really funny right? The porato is supposed to die anyway, but the pothos flourished for a few months then it's starting to die off one by one. I really dont know what's going on because I changed nothing to the tank.

So now I'm here, asking for another house plant advice, lol.


I've seen people use regular potatoes too, if you happen to find an old one in the back of your cupboard or something! From what I've found, Peace Lillies, Spider Plants, Arrowhead Plants, and vining type Philodendrons are all houseplants that people use for aquariums. I unfortunately haven't tried any, because I have a cat who has a real thing for eating houseplants and I don't want her to eat something dangerous, and I don't want her jumping up onto my aquarium to try to get to said houseplants. She's a senior cat who thinks she's more athletic in her old age than she actually is. :rolleyes:
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With my pothos which I have in all 4 tanks, I find it's a matter of light. The ones that are growing the best also have an exterior plant light because I also have a few small pots of house plants on top of the tank. The two that are doing ok have over spill light from that plant light or light coming in from a window because the cat always leaves the drapes open a crack when she sits on the window sill. The one that looks terrible gets nothing more than what little light escapes from the tank light and that is very little. Root growth on them also seem to go by light, the better the light, the better the root growth. The one by the plant light I have to trim the roots about every 2 months or else they would fill the tank.

My newest addition, a spider plant also seems happy in the tank with the plant light, might end up trying it in another tank once it gets big enough to divide.

Now I have a question, is english ivy safe to use as emersed? I've found some lovely variegated english ivy that I would like to try but want to know if it's safe before I do.
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