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HI All,

I will need a CUC. I'm thinking about a skunk shrimp or 2-3 hermit crabs. In Australia, shrimp will cost me $150+ AUD a pop. No import policy.
If I was to get hermits, which one will clean algae, but most importantly, stir up sand and eat remaining food/ detritus (especially when I can't get in with the siphon in the caves of the live rock)

Which hermit crab is not going to eat my clownfish and corals I will introduce, slow growing and not aggressive?How many can I have in a 14g tank?

I love my 2x clownfish, so I don't want these hermits to kill them overnight or something like that.

Thanks in advance reefers!
Sudanese why don't you just create a build thread and ask those questions there? Its a lot less spam and that way everyone can find it. It can take a while for people to find threads.

So for a algae eating hermit, I would do a red legged hermit. A blue legged hermit will eat detritus, but you have to make sure it stays well fed or it might nip your corals. Another alternative for keepng substrate stirred and detritus eaten is a fighting conch
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Ok I'll try next time to build a thread. Was very much unsure of how to post (being new on this).
Just bought 2x blue legged hermits. They look fine so far. cheers.
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