Best, Hardy Corals?

Discussion in 'Corals' started by bettaf1sh 7789, Jun 29, 2019.

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    Well, what size tank do you have? That light is usually reviewed as okay for quite a few corals, but that changes depending on the tank. If the tank is a foot deep, you're good with SPS. If it's 4 feet deep, you're probably limited to the lowest of light of zoas and mushrooms at the bottom of the tank.

    That said, mushrooms, ricordea, palys (the non-invasive sort), euphyllia (frogspawn, hammers, and torches), candy canes, clove polyps, leathers... the list goes on. I'd say that the absolute majority of soft coral can thrive in similar conditions to those that would keep zoas, GSP, and kenya trees alive - perhaps there are some that can handle less light or dirtier water than others, but I think that you'd be safe to pick any soft coral you like, do some research, and decide if it's a good fit for your tank from there. We can give you good advice, but there's no better judge than yourself, once you're equipped with the right knowledge.

    As for the LPS I listed, those are pretty dependent on how you run your tank. If you keep high nitrate and phosphate, have minimal lighting and lower flow, then LPS aren't right for you. I've found LPS to be just as hardy as softies, but they have to be under the correct conditions.
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    Euphyllia tend to like nitrates in the 10-20ppm range. When you go lower they tend to get cranky.
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    About 100 gallons. The tank is just under 2 feet tall, but with my rock I can get some corals about 6-8 inches under the light. My phosphate reading is usually between 0 and .02. Nitrates between 5-10, with weekly water changes. I also have pretty good water flow. I have a few spots that aren’t super intense, but between the sump, icepick pump, and current pump, the flow probably borders on overkill.