Best food to get weight on ill betta


Tl;dr Betta w/ fin rot, fungus, wasting Help - | Freshwater Fish Disease 439603

Question- what foods can I give this fish to get weight on him?

Long version- Betta with suspected mycobacterium. Extremely malnourished, can see his spinal ridge, tummy is concave, grooves behind his head (maybe just his skull), very gaunt looking critter from wasting. His energy level is sky high and I believe his fins are growing back. Since he is showing some progress, I want to see if I can put weight on him. As a experiment really, since I figure he will die from mycobacterium anyway, why not fiddle around and see if I can get some meat on his bones again.

I have a huge culture of white worms, and in this current era of coronavirus my other easy option to buy is live blackworms from the lfs. I have been feeding him white worms regularly (gut loaded on fish food) since they are supposed to be high in protein and fat. He has normal and regular poops so the worms aren't messing with disgestion.

I normally feed twice a day, but for him I switched to 3 times a day. One or two worms each feeding.

Is this a reasonable plan or would you try anything else? Again it is an experiment. He is clearly doing well on his current diet, he's taken a real turnaround from where he was a couple months ago.

Pic of him earlier this week.



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