Best CO2 source for Baby Dwarf Tears?

  1. J

    Jacoburritoz New Member Member

    I plan on adding some HC to my aquarium and I just wanted to get some input; What's the best way to ensure my plants get enough CO2? Is liquid CO2 a viable option or should I find a CO2 diffuser?
  2. AmazonPassion

    AmazonPassion Moderator Moderator Member

    I favor injected CO2.

    Another aspect of growing HC is a good light fixture because they are light loving plants.
  3. Silister Trench

    Silister Trench Well Known Member Member

    I have a nano tank that's medium light and pretty low tech while on the other hand I also have a high light-high tech which both have dwarf baby tears. The high light one has inert sand, and the low-light one has miracle gro organic soil capped with same sand with a few osmocote capsules spread out on the bottom.

    Low Tech: 30 PAR maybe.I dose it with API liquid carbon. While there's obvious growth, how slow it grows gives me a headache thinking how long it might take to carpet anything. Understand that there's two sources of carbon in this tank. One being the API dose and the other from the soil substrate.

    High tech: I took the HC from this tank for medium light. Lots of light that I've tuned down to maybe 60 PAR , but I play with the light and growth every couple weeks. It's injected with Co2. When I first got the the dwarf baby tears it all melted, took about a month to grow back, another month for the single portion bought on Amazon to cover a 10" x 10" area I planted it in. And about 2 months to cover probably %60 of the bottom of the 20G long I have it in after separating it out further.

    Based on just my experience I'd inject Co2, and get a drop checker to gauge if you're getting enough Co2, and eventually you'll be able to determine that without the drop checker. This plant seems to be okay in various lightings I've tried and will carpet, but it seems to prefer readily available and easier to digest injected Co2.