Best Budget Led Lights For A Planted Tank That Are Available In The Uk.



I was just wondering what suggestions people have for budget LED lights that are sufficient for decent plant growth.

I currently have two planted tanks running using Reasejoy LED lights that I bought from Amazon. The one I have in my 120cm tank seems very powerful and very suitable for decent plant growth. The one in my 92cm tanks seems dimmer.

I was just wondering if anyone had any better alternatives for good plant LEDs on a budget. There are a lot of youtube videos around this but I've found that their suggestions are not available in the UK. Such as Finnex range.
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I don’t know how good they are for plants but have a look at Allpondsolutions, they have a good range of lights at decent prices. I’ve not bought lights from them but have bought other stuff & their customer service is excellent in my experience of them.
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