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    I know this topic has been visited previously, but I could not find any current info. The most recent discussion I found was back in Feb. I'm quite sure our last betta Flash met w/his demise from not only overfeeding, but also possibly feeding the wrong food. We gave him flakes, pellets and frozen. My ? is besides only feeding TINY amounts only one to two times a day & fasting him one day a week can I NOT feed flakes. It is VERY hard to regulate the amt. so I feed him : Fluval Bug Bites, Omega One Betta Buffet (soaked) pellets, Variety Pack Frozen (4 different types) after soaking in tank water to thaw & Hikari Micro Tropical Pellets which are very tiny. He doesn't seem to be "over the moon" for any of them & they all sink IMMEDIATELY! He then has to go down to the bottom & find what's left. Is there one food or another that you all may particularly prefer & find keeps your betta healthy? Like Flash I have already become very fond of this adorable, personable fish, but he will be my last if he dies from something I've done wrong. I do NOT feel these are "HARDY" fish like most the literature indicated when I did i. tense research prior to ever choosing a betta I was going to go w/a goldfish originally. )-:
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    I feed mine Hikari Bio-Gold and Freshwater Frenzy frozen food. Three pellets and a small pinch of the frozen daily with a freezedried bloodworm on Sunday as a treat, I don't fast. You also don't want to get a huge container of the food, the longer it sits, the less fresh it will become. If the food lasts for more than a year, I replace it.
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    I like to give mine a variety of different foods in a week, and that is either a flake food, pellets, or something frozen, never freeze dried since that tends to cause bloating issues very easily.

    The food I offer includes northfin, new life spectrum, omega one, and san francisco bay.
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    Thanks all. Every food mentioned I've read are very good.