Best "beginner" Apisto for 20 gallon long?

  1. freshwaterfanatic

    freshwaterfanatic New Member Member

    So after a trip to my LFS, the many different Apisto species caught my eye. I decided that some sort of Apisto specie would be a cool centerpiece fish for my 20 long. I would like to have a pair or trio (whichever is best) of a fairly hardy Apisto so serve as my main fella's in the tank, aswell as 7-11 dither fish (probably harlequin rasbora).
    My tank is fairly densely planted -plastic not real :)- aswell as having a couple ceramic caves and a nice tangly piece of driftwood. Tank has pea sized gravel with an AC50 and a small airstone.

    Apologies for my awful writing format, I guess my main questions are: what type of Apisto would be a nice fit for my tank? and Is a trio or pair better, or more natural? Thanks :)

    0 ammonia
    0 nitrite
    10-20 nitrate
    7.6 pH
    fairly neutral hardness

    here's a photo of my tank if this helps (don't mind the Rams, they won't be in there)
  2. a

    axel Well Known Member Member

    a school of rasbora would be good ,6-10 schools
  3. Graphix

    Graphix Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure how much difference there is in hardiness/care of different types of Apistos, my impression from my (admittedly very small) knowledge of them is that they're all quite similar when it comes to their care.

    I say just pick one you like, personally I've always wanted Apistogramma Borelli because of the extremely long dorsal fin! Best of luck :)
  4. OP

    freshwaterfanatic New Member Member

    Thanks for the input! I think I'll either go with the Borelli you were talking about, or the cacatuides.

    Does anybody know if a. borellii prefer pairs or harems?