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Best Algae Cleaner

  1. H

    Hatchet47 New Member Member

    I always have algae growing on the sides of my tank and it gets really irratating to see it constantly growing. What would be the best choice for this problem?



    Plecos (when they are small)


    The Siamese Algae Eater

    BTW i have 10 neon tetras, a pair of Gbr's and Pearl Gourmai's, and 3 cherry barbs and guppies. So please tell me if the following will disturb or be disturbed by the cleaner choices.
  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Corys aren't algae eaters so I'd remove those from your list. Plecos add too much to the bioload and SAE's are shoaling fish and grow up to 6 inches.

    How long are your lights on? Perhaps you can eliminate the cause of your algae issues instead of adding fish to clean it? They would only help a little and not prevent the algae from re-occurring.

    You could try a few nerite snails? I would say they are very efficient and add very little to the bioload. You can try amano shrimp as well but I'd say nerite snails are still better algae eaters.
  3. MokAquariums

    MokAquariums Valued Member Member

    Ramshorn snails are also really good algae eaters! If your tank can still accommodate some fish, you could try a school of otocinclus, they are also great at keeping algae off the leaves of plants and are a very peaceful species so they would be a great addition!