Best advice you’ve gotten from FishLore

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For only being on this forum for a few months I already feel like I am apart of a little online family. Not only that but I have been able to expand my knowledge of something that makes both me and other people happy. Fish! I have gotten advice, kindness, help, and comfort from this forum that I have never seen in another community before. So, what’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten from the forum? For me, the best advice I have gotten has been from amazing people like mattgirl, stinkyloaf, macz, and betta’sanonymous. They have helped me cycle tanks, identify fish, treat fin rot, and answer any silly questions I’ve had along the way. What has stuck with me the most is the simple idea of using household plants in aquariums. I’ve started with Pothos and Dieffenbachia roots but I definitely want to grow some Monstera in my tanks. In essence, I want this post to not only share the valued advice that we’ve learned from one another, but also to appreciate each other’s individual time and dedication to helping all of us. Thank you so much to everyone I’ve ever interacted with on FishLore.

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I mean, I’m not among the most useful members here, but I appreciate it!

Best advice? Likely info on cycling as it’s very important to know about. Before I came here I thought tanks cycle on their own and that adding food just speeds it up. Somehow this has worked multiple times in the past. Then I came here because I discovered this was not the case. Now I know how to (properly) cycle aquariums.

I also learned much about territorial behaviour and how it’s managed.

The chemistry side of things is also interesting.

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The best advice i have received came as a conclusion from reading a lot of posts and watching a lot of youtube videos: KISS!!(Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Besides that, cycle stuff and learning abiut different optiins for treating different illnesses n whatnot.
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I never would've gotten into live plants without this forum! Besides getting assistance with my first aquarium (wow what that was four years ago already), I've been on this forum pretty much every step of the way. I also learned a ton on caring for shrimp.
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I agree. I joined the forum around a year and a half ago. I just started actively using it, and people respond to your threads so quick. It's amazing, and I've gotten so much advice from FishLore. I don't think I could pick one piece of info that was the best. All the information I've ever learned on here was extremely useful.
Rose of Sharon
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Info about everything from cycling to disease and treatiment to planted tanks... along with laughs, sympathy and empathy when I need it! This is the best all-encompassing aquarium forum with the greatest members, IMHO!!!!!


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This is a really great group we have here. I have learned most of what I know in the 3 years I've been on Fishlore. Cycling, filter media, plants, stocking and just good old changing water! lol. Once you start getting to know people and what they know, It truly is a fun place to learn about fish. The learning never ends either. People come and go but we have a pretty solid group of "regulars" and it is a fun forum to be a part of. :)
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I don't ask a ton of questions...but I read a lot of threads and articles. I learned more about the cycle process than I ever thought possible, filters and lights, types of fish, and even the heat method for treating ich- which I ended up needing. Pretty much anything you need to know is already answered on here or can be quickly.
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Where to start? Plants, cycling, salt, stocking? This forum has helped me out so much, and it's also great that I have a group of friends I can goof around with and talk with.
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I have learned a ton on here! My LFS was stumped on trying to figure out why my cycle kept crashing…I had a correct answer on here within a day! I love this forum!


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I think the best info I've got is about keeping live plants (my first aquarium had cheap plastic ones which I hate now) and on growing/culturing live food.
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Best advice received....and to be given.....NEVER give up.
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Best advice I've gotten on here has been to be patient and keep it simple. I haven't really chatted with anyone, but any of the beginner questions I've asked have all been answered perfectly and without judgement. I love this forum just as much as I like be my new hobby! (•‿•)
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Use the ignore button.....
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Fewer kinds of fish, with more of each kind instead (with some exceptions, of course, like dwarf gouramis).
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I would say I learned much of what I know from this forum. Started an African Cichlid tank 2 years ago after lurking here for months, just reading stuff. I got invaluable advice after startup from A201 and MacZ.
Now I have 7 healthy tanks with a wide range of species.
I check new posts daily, and continue to learn. Great site!
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Lots of knowledge around here.
Dechi answered my question regarding programming my light. I wanted to use the pro settings and was having a real hard time.
She/he gave a great piece of advice to use my tablet and not my phone as its bigger and easier to move set points around.
I finally got it. Thanks Dechi.

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