Berried Shrimp or Ellobiopsidae?

  1. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    I have a thread where I'm tracking my 10g planted shrimp tank build and I posted a picture of a shrimp that I assumed was berried and a few people agreed. I posted the same picture in another thread stating that I had a preggers female shrimp, and someone ( Mango tokiodreamy) thought that maybe it wasn't berried after all but was infected by a parasite called ellobiopsidae. I have no idea who is correct, so I thought I'd start a separate thread to get some thoughts either way. I did take a few more pictures so hopefully at least one of them is clear enough to give a definitive answer. I've seen 2 shrimp with what are either eggs or these parasites.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    The first three pics look like Ellobiopsidae to me.

  3. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry to inform you but its severe stages of ellobiopsidae. QT the shrimp immediately!

    Check out my ellobiopsidae thread for ideas. There's no known cure since its so new. Theres not much info out there. It's really a hit or miss if they servive. :(
  4. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    I actually joined a shrimp forum and was also told there that it's definitely ellobiopsidae. They actually have a sticky with shrimp diseases and ellobiopsidae is listed. They say that parasite medications that have formalin as an ingredient should combat the parasites.

    I was able to get one of them out. The other took a dive into the java moss and I haven't seen it since.

  5. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm sorry to hear that :(
  6. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Oh no, I just noticed this on 3 females!
    I need links galore!
  7. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

  8. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I watched a breeder video on youtube where she said the asian suppliers said a formulin dip works but she had no success with it. Let us know how your experience goes and post it in my thread!
  9. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Will do. Are we allowed to post links to threads from other forums?
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  11. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    As long as they contribute to the discussion then links are fine :)
  12. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Wow thats very interesting to say the least. How does one get that???? It is eggs though that it grows on, correct?
    because it looks exactly like she is berried only the eggs are green looking instead of a light yellow.....................
  13. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    Eggs can be green or yellow or any shade in between. The adult stages almost look like little broccoli. You can see much closer examples if you google it! It can happen to either males or females so no eggs needed. Just happens between the front legs and the swimmers.
  14. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Interesting! Thanks for the info! Wow! How is this transmitted or started?
  15. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    It comes from imported shrimp from the pacific ocean.

    Some sources say its contagious some don't mention it.
  16. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    I now realize that I lost one RCS to it. Didn't know at the time that it was a disease. I have not seen it on any others in the tank. So either it's not contagious, has a really long period before it's visible, or I got really lucky.
  17. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Geoff, I hope your shrimp can recover from this and I apologize in advance for hijacking your thread - I had no idea that this even existed until the other day ( thanks for the info tokiodreamy )
    This info is both enlightening AND interesting. I will hope for the best for your shrimps
  18. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    No apologies necessary! I know what it is now so if any further discussions about the parasites will help you or anyone else, all the better!

    When I get a moment, I'll link to the other forum where I got some info about ellobiopsidae.
  19. Geoff Well Known Member Member

    Here is the link to my thread on

    The 4th post contains a link to their shrimp disease sticky, specifically the section about ellobiopsidae. The moderator also provided some additional information about treatment in the same post, and also further down. Let me know if the link doesn't work for you.

    I have the 2 infected shrimp isolated in a tupperware container with some java moss, but I'll be setting a small tank with a filter for them momentarily. I'm going to start treatment tomorrow with Kordon Rid Ich since it contains formalin. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted. Hopefully between tokiodreamy and me, we'll come up with something that cures it! haha
  20. tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    If only we were scientists! Ha
    We will see what happens... my little guy is just glass surfing non stop. Posted a thread about it. Hes making me worry