Beneficial macro algae: Calaupa

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My beneficial macro algae seems to be turning brown.. and lagging slightly.

Firstly ive noticed 2 types of deteriation...

1st being... loss of colour from leaves.. they seemed to turn a transparent colour. Thus flopping over. Looking 'lifeless'.

(to stop this i figuared it may not be receiving alot of light, so i placed it closer to the lighting... in my refugium which is situated above my tank (not below).. and between my 2 T5s. my algae scrubber hangs above my refugium connected to my ext filter outake tube and is situated also between the 2 T5s (check diagram). Water from the algae scrubber trickles down into the ref... which then trickles out of the ref into the aqaurium, thus starting the process over again.

Now after placing the macro algae into the ref alot 'closer' to the lights.. it seemed to have pick up, ive now moved it again due to a temp maintainance problem. It snow back in the aquarium... for time being, planned to move it back into my ref but now ive noticed the brown-ness im wondering if its TOO close to the lighting. Or its too warm... althoe the water fully covers the macro-algae and is 25deg, 27 at most, and that is very rear.

The 2nd being... the ends of the leaves are slowly turning a brown colour?
but also has grown some new spawns too?!

(these deteriorating changes ive noticed dont happen in sync, it seems to be one or the other, either lose colour, OR just turn brown.. they never lost colour then turn brown or vice versa. strange.

Could it have been too close to the lighting?
what lighting would one recommend?

Currently its centered in my aquarium tank... ive not noticed anything drastic and its been their for 3 days or so... i took a snip of it and im trying to grow some more off a small piece of live-rock, to see if it would take.

Could anything in the tank proove a danger toward my macro algae? ei: a substance in the water maybe?

Is their any essential elements that should be provided for the calaupa algae to thrive on in the water?

I was told... good lighting, correct salt and temp levels and everything should be fine!

But this dont seem to be the case...

Anyhelp is good help!




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Don't know anything about these but maybe one of our saltwater members will chime in. Let us know how it is doing.
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