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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Roc70, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Roc70New MemberMember

    So I recently discovered a new fish I bought had ich, I have moved all my fish to a 10 gallon tank to quarantine but my question is: How long will the beneficial bacteria in the media from my well established 55 gallon live while I treat the fish in the other tank. In that tank I have (2) canister filters that are still running like normal.

    I taken everything out of the 55 gallon except for the sand, ghost shrimp and snails. The decorations were removed a couple of days ago and set outside to dry out. For now I've just been putting some fish food in there like normal.

  2. fishingdeepValued MemberMember

    Maybe remove the shrimp and snails and then raise the heat in the tank. By raising the heat you wouldn't kill to many bb, so you will be safe.

  3. Roc70New MemberMember

    The temp on the 55 was raised to about 85 when I first realized the ich spots and decided to move the fish to a smaller to tank for treatment. It's been a couple days since.
  4. hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    You'll start to lose bacteria straight away, as fish food takes an age to rot down when there isn't a fish's stomach involved.

    Really you should have kept the filter with the fish (at all times).

    Do you have a filter on the 10g to cope with all the fish?
  5. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    The bacteria in the filters will be fine for weeks. Adding food like there are still fish in there is fine. It will only help. When they are done with the ich treatment putting them back into the 55 will be fine. How high have you raised the temp. in the 55, and what are you treating the fish with? Raising the temp to 89.5 should kill it in the 55.

    Why didn't you just leave them in the 55 if you raised the temp?
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  6. fishingdeepValued MemberMember

    What ICH treatment, when raising the water temp will kill them?
  7. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    o_O Answers to this Q are kinda all over thus far.

    There's no real reason to move the fish to QT when treating for ICH, since you have to treat the main tank too. If you're using the heat method, just do it in the main tank. I'm assuming you didn't transfer the filters because of size issues, trying to fit one onto a 10g.

    If for whatever reason you decide to leave the fish in the QT, remove some of the media from one of your filters and add it to the QT filter. Move it back when treatment is complete.

    BB will start to die within 6 hours without a food source. Like was mentioned above, adding fish food won't help, as it takes too long to break down and by then, most if not all of your BB will have died off. Trust me on this; I lost an entire tank of fish from a 6 hour power outage, which led to an ammonia spike, then a nitrite spike, and all of the fish got sick and died in QT. I had to remove them while I fixed the other tank, which also suffered a filter break because of the outage.

    If you're already past the 6 hour mark, then, when you move the fish back to the main tank, move the QT filter with them, and you should be fine. You can use that to seed the main tank and the bioload will be the same, so no issues there.
  8. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

  9. hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    Also when you put the fish back, feed them very lightly at first, as you won't have as many bb as before.

    Medications OR heat treatment will kill WS. You don't need both, which would only put more stress on the fish.
  10. Roc70New MemberMember

    I'm treating the fish w/Rid-Ich in the small tank cause I figured it would require smaller doses and maybe I could get a better handle on it. I took the media from the canisters from my 55 gallon and added them to my filter on the 10 gallon.

    I will raise the heat to 89.5 on the 55 gallon in hopes to kill anything left in there but it's been a couple of days w/no fish so I'm hoping w/out a host the ich is dying??
  11. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    This did kind of get off track. There are easy methods to treat ich, and the entire tank should be treated. Using heat alone works. As well as heat and salt. There are many mediacations that are cheap and work very quickly. Whatever method you use is fine in my experience. I have tried them all over the years. In your case you should be treating both tanks. The QT and the main tank.

    Because one person lost their fish after a 6 hour power outage does not mean that the nitrifying bacteria will die after 6 hours. I have no idea why there was an ammonia spike and all the fish died. I wasn't there. Using food to start the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium is something many people, including myself have done. Adding food to your tank to help to maintain the cycle in a tank with no fish also helps, but is not necessary. I can tell you that I have a transferred fish out of tanks and left them empty with only water in them and the filter running for as long as four weeks. Then restocked these tanks to full capacity with fish, and never had an ammonia spike. There are threads on other forums about how long the bacteria call stay alive without fish in the tank. It is months. Not hours.

    Raising the temp to 89.5 will kill the ICH off in around 7 to 10 days even without a host. The bacteria in your filter will be fine in that amount of time.
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  12. Roc70New MemberMember

    Thanks Marie1, that's all I was really concerned about; could the media 'survive' in the empty running tank while I was treating the fish in the small tank.

    You've answered my question, thanks again!

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