Beige Clumpy Seachem Purigen


I usually buy Seachem Purigen in the 100ml bags. They are prepacked and always a white color with very little odor. The texture is like smooth sand. I recently bought a 500ml bottle of the Purigen (the seal was fine), but when I opened it, the color was beige/yellow and it was clumpy. It also had a bit of a weird smell.

I called Seachem support and they told me that the "batches" were different, and that the color varies from batch to batch. Other than my fish, I also have a red eared slider turtle in my tank, which I have had for over 20 years, and am a bit hesitant to use this off color Purigen.

I was wondering if anyone else received this beige/yellow colored Purigen in the bottle, and have used it without any issues?


Yup no issues here. I have a couple of the refill bottles and they both have the darker colored purigen.
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Thanks! This is definitely reassuring!
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I just wanted to let everyone know that I used this off colored Purigen, and had no issues at all!
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I've recently purchased a few Seachem products (fertilisers) that I hadn't used before. I read up a fair bit on their website. For a lot of their products they mention the colour can change quite a lot between batches (no idea why) but it doesn't impact the product at all.

P.S. 20 years on a turtle! awesome.
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