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So I feel like we've all seen a bit of mold around in our aquariums, especially once getting new fish because sometimes it's hard to see what kind of food they like the best. Well I'm currently going through that, and my tank has exploded with water mold. I would personally like to share some helpful information to anyone not too familiar with mold, and hopefully share with you some tricks I picked up to prevent more time spent on cleaning up after these fungi.

What are fungI in the tank? Do I have any?
Well yes you do! FungI are present in freshwater and saltwater tanks and they play a big role in decomposing waste. It has the same function underwater as it does in the woods. Instead of finding mushrooms on debris however, you'll notice that it looks quite different in the tanks. Just as you might expect; the more fish and plants you have in the water, the more fungI you'll have. FungI will try every opportunity they are given to invade living organisms, but they are unable to harm healthy fish because of their slimy coat which acts as a barrier. Unfortunately for fish that are ill or stressed, it can be fatal. That's why regular water changes are so important!

Types of FungI in aquariums:
White Fungi.
If you happen to feed your little fish and wake up the next day or two and notice fuzzy little white balls surrounding the food on the bottom, this is a white fungus. It is a result of overfeeding or a death of fish. If you have just a few of them you should be able to scoop them out and get away with it, but be sure to do an ammonia test in your water because decomposing material has this affect. Now let's say you come back the next few days and suddenly you have this white mold in quite a few places over left over food or even gravel. Now this is a bit more serious. You should immediately gravel vac the bottom of your tank and do a 20% water change over the next few days until you can get rid of it completely. You need to cut back on how much you feed your fish, and to prevent these outbreaks you should only feed them what they can eat 2-3 minutes.

Fin-Rot and Mouth Fungus:
Yes this is a disease, but because it is caused by a fungus I figured I might put this here and talk a little about them. So like I said earlier, healthy fish are protected from fungus spores from their layer of mucus over their bodies. If a fish contracts Fin-Rot or mouth fungus, it was probably ill, stressed, or a victI'm of fin-nipping. To prevent this from happening you should take very good care of your water quality and be sure to quarantine any fish that appear ill. Even once a fish has contracted this fungal infection, you should quarantine them so you can treat them with medication separately, as some medications are actually harmful to other livestock!

Black Mold (in many cases what's called black mold is often actually just black algae. Yes that's right, algae. But that doesn't mean that it's good.)
Now this will appear in your aquarium if you neglect cleaning the tank properly, or if you bought plants from a pet store with this stuff already on it and the conditions in your tank are right, it will bloom. Will it kill your plants and fish? In the beginning of its growth; no. It's not necessarily harmful. But don't let this grow!!! As soon as you see it growing on plants or decorations, you should remove them immediately and clean them by killing the bacteria. For decorations soak them in hydrogen peroxide. Once it gets out of hand it can be impossible to get rid of, and yes eventually it will kill plants.
What does it look like? This varies. On plants you can notice some sort of black fuzz appearing to stick up in brush-like strands.

Preventions and solutions:
Some things I've personally learned from water mold:
If you have bottom feeders such as Cory catfish, plecos, etc. feeding them sinking pellets and other bottom foods can become fairly messy, especially if your fish are messy eaters and like to throw their food everywhere. It gets frustrating, and is the main reason why I have water mold at the moment. So to prevent this from reoccurring I took a seashell I have in my aquarium and use it more like a little feeding dish, then I place in the tab and save myself a ton of time cleaning up after my little messy Pandas.

Whoa calm down, they aren't evil! Actually I have a few of these little buddies (not by choice) and they seem to find water mold quite delicious! So if you find you're seeming to always have a problem with algae and mold, a snail horde isn't too bad of an idea!

Regular Water Changes!!
Now people do water changes anywhere to once a week to every other week; I have to do mine every 4 days at very small amounts and this seems to do its job. Keep up on good water quality and bad bacteria should find growing in your tank top be quite the challenge.

Don't overfeed the fish!!!
I know they're cute; but don't. Do. It.

Well guys I hope someone finds this helpful! If I forgot anything or any of this information was wrong please let me know! Thanks!


Wow! Great post! Thanks!


I appreciate the time and effort put into this post, but at least half of it is totally incorrect.


I appreciate the time and effort put into this post, but at least half of it is totally incorrect.

Well then tell me what's wrong and I'll try to fix it instead of just bluntly pointing it out. I tried doing quite a bit of research but some stuff was inconsistent.

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