Behavioural, Breeding, 2 Female Cichlids??

  1. worrywart

    worrywart Valued Member Member

    Hi all! I definitely have 2 female Rusty Cichlids. How do I know, they are holding, I can see the eggs, no doubt about it!

    Well... the 2 Rusty's are occasionally trying to grab the others egg spot.. and the (I'm guessing Alpha Female) is shimmying around almost like she's displaying it. What is this behaviour? Is the Alpha shimmying to show dominance and the other is just seeing egg spot and going straight or it instead of realising the dominant behaviour?

    Also. If the cichlid is still trying to pick up this egg spot does this mean her eggs are still unfertilised?

    OR if a female is chasing the males around, while holding, is this dominance/territory OR is it because her eggs are unfertilised?

    Have only had 2 fish hold before, 1 success (have 13 juvi's to prove it), and the other swallowed. The one which swalllowed had been chasing males, until I separated her, so was she not fertilised? or did she just swallow in her own inexperience, being a ~3-6 month old young fish herself.
  2. T

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    I think you dont have 2 females
    The fish that has the brightest eggs spots will be a male, which will account for "her " behaviour.
    Some female fish have what are called " false egg spots " which have evolved over time to confuse the males into thinking they are male also.
    This is because in some species, the males can get really aggressive and persistent towards the females, and the false spots are used as a confusion tactic.
    Female fish do not chase male fish, the male cichlids of the Mbuna do all the chasing of the ladies
  3. OP

    worrywart Valued Member Member

    I can understand why you'd think not, and I thought the brighter one was male until she was holding a massive mouth of eggs. Sometimes you will get an alpha female which may show better colours, and I believe that's what she is. I wish I'd caught it on video..

    I've definitely seen females chase males, as they are usually going after his egg spot too.