Beginner Stocking 55 gallon with African cichlids

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    Sire New Member Member

    Hey all, so...

    Just got a 55 gal for a first tank and want to add African cichlids. I really want at least 12 and hoping to get some suggestions for colorful species ( red, yellow, orange, blue, etc) who are the least agressive. One other thing to add, the tank is 4 ft long and I made a custom 3D background that I will be installing. Any suggestions?
  2. Protim Sarkar

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  3. Mom2some

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    LeoDiaz knows a lot about African cichlids and can hopefully help. Best wishes & welcome to the forum!
  4. LeoDiaz

    LeoDiaz Fishlore VIP Member

    3D background steal a lot swimming room, if you want a lot color I would do an all male peacock tank. 8males all different colors avoiding OB peacocks and jakes.
  5. sparkles22

    sparkles22 Valued Member Member

    Yay cichlids... I'm stocking a 110... and doing a hap/peacock mix.. and I just got 3 red Jakes lol ha ha
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    Sire New Member Member

    awesome! thnx everyone. I'm definitely looking into all f your suggestions as i type. I'd probably say that i've done a fair amount of research, but it's a bit exhausted going back and forth between 20+ computer tabs lol tomorrow i'm adding a base layer of white sand and also adding a top layer of the cichlid bio activ substrate. I'll add a pick of my set up. ones during the day, other at night



    and @protim, i'll be out of town for a week and plan to start my cycle tomorrow. i was told the bioactiv substrate had bacteria that helps balance ph and cycling process. is that info correct?