(beginner) Need Help With Kh And Gh?

Harper North


So I have a 20 gal aquarium that is currently going through a fishless cycle. It seems to close to done, the nitrites are at 2.0 ppm nitrates are at 160 ppm. I'm using Api's GH and KH Tests and GH seems to be 120 ppm? (7 drops) and KH was 100 ppm? (6 drops). I am wondering if the ppm seems correct for the number of drops and (if it is) I am wondering if that is too hard or too soft for a tropical community tank? If it is not what should I get? I am very confused about how KH and GH relate to PH and if this amount of hardness would stay stable (If that's the right word)? If someone could explain that would be great.



For a normal freshwater community aquarium, forget about Gh, Kh, Ph. These things will be fine as long as you keep them stable. They only start to become dangerous when you start adjusting levels. I've kept wild bettas, discus, and apistos for years in hard water and haven't had problems.

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