beginner low light plants.

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    I apologize if this has been asked before so please bare with the noob. I'm just looking for suggestions for some good beginner plants that require low to moderate lighting and will do well with sand substrate and minimal attention in a 75g. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also are there plants that do fine with just light and a CO2 booster? I'm kind of apprehensive about having a planted tank because I've never had one before but I think they look so much better and I want my fish to be in the most natural habitat possible.

    I really like the look of cabomba, hornwort, and anacharis.
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    I will bear with you, noob! :) There are plenty of plants that do fine with minimal lighting. Anacharis is probably the easiest plant to take care of IMO. They come in multiple strands wrapped up in a bunch and can be left floating or be planted. I personally think it looks much better planted, but that's up to you. It will quickly grow baby anacharis off the main stems. I pull these off and plant them with the others and they grow as well. (If anyone does something different feel free to correct me). Even if it looks dead, chances are it can easily grow new leaves.

    A lot of people say anacharis does better in cooler temps, but mine is doing fine at 80 degrees. Sorry, this is becoming an anacharis care sheet!!!

    Other easy plants include java moss, java fern, water wisteria, and anubias. Anubias actually prefers shade, so you can have a floating plant over it. At Petco, they sell java fern with the bottom wrapped up in thread. You have to leave the thread on or the plant will fall apart. Learned that the hard way. I'm still waiting on mine, but I heard it you leave it tied to a rock or driftwood roots will grow out of the thread in time.

    Another cool plant is the Marimo moss ball, which is very easy to take care of.

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks so much for the quick reply, I certainly appreciate it. Will these plants do okay in 75 degrees? Also my ph is still cycling but around 7.8

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  4. happyfins14Valued MemberMember

    Yup! I own all of those except the java moss and Marimo moss ball, and they are doing very well
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    Hornworts and star grass are some of the easiest beginner plants to grow, just throw in a good light and they'll grow like weeds.
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    Oh yeah I forgot about hornwort!!! They shed nettles but I hear they're really not a big deal :) If you want a fast growing plant they're the way to go
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    Oh yeah lots of fish love Amazons :) Just a word of advice though they can get to be very big
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    Even better! Cut off one of the branches and use it to grow more... saves money. I had enough hornworts in my 75g that I'm spreading them over to my 40B... hopefully these Nyerereis dont uproot :/
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    Nice :) I love it when my anacharis propagates (is that the word) even though it's not much of an achievement now I have plenty of anacharis for both my betta tanks :)
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    Let's remember this is LilChicken's thread. Hi-jacking one's thread is rude.
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    Sorry LilChicken!!! Hope these ideas helped!!
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    Anacharis is another easy plant to grow, but I dont like it because it gets all tangly in my hands when handling it lol. So I stick to actual stem plants. To The OP, dwarf sag is another one you can try and carpet, wouldnt take that much, it looks like grass in your backyard.
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    Sorry got carried away talking about hornworts and pinecones
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    I know it can get irritating :( To LilChicken: Water wisteria is my personal favorite. It's very easy to plant and is very beautiful IMO. If you are looking for practicality rather than beauty I would go with anacharis and java moss.

    *Also if you have trouble you can always use some root tabs or liquid fertilizer
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  18. LilChickenValued MemberMember

    Thank you everyone for the great ideas! I really enjoy the feedback as Im intimidated about starting a planted tank but I feel better about it now. happyfins14 do I just plant and add co2 booster and root tabs and I'm set? Or is it not that simple? I'm sorry for all the questions but this will be my first attempt at a planted tank. And no worries about jacking the thread yall, I enjoy what you all have to say and appreciate the feedback :)

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  19. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    You just add the plants and let them sit for awhile. In the beginning, fish waste should be enough to grow the plants, unless you get heavily planted. Then you may need to add root tabs and liquid ferts. But dont go overboard with the fertilizers or you'll have an algae problem... like the one I just got over with BBA.
  20. happyfins14Valued MemberMember

    i agree with Dom90. I don't have experience with CO2 as my plants don't need it, but I would probably add a root tab about once a month. Plants like anacharis and java moss, or floating plants, don't benefit from root tabs, but rather liquid ferts.