Beginner 55 gallon brackish tank

  1. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    I'm new to fishlore and fishkeeping in general. I love reading fishlore forum over the others because everyone is so friendly and informative.

    I have had my tank running about a month. It's stocked with 9 mollies 5 platies 2 common plecos (I am planning on rehousing given the bioload) and a dragon goby. Just wanted to share and maybe a little constructive criticism would be great! 1465794222823.jpg 1465794232572.jpg 1465794246935.jpg 1465794260503.jpg
  2. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    Oh forgot to mention I'm on my second round of fry.. first round ended up with 9 silver mollies (as pictured) this one I have found 7 so far a couple look orange so we'll see haha
  3. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    Update: no more plecos. I was able to give them to my local lfs so Walmart couldn't flush them if I gave them back there. But I did add 4 Siamese algae eaters and I love them.
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  5. katiemorrison94 Member Member

    I'm glad you rehomed the plecos. A 55 gallon tank is to small for 2 of them. I don't really know any about the dragon goby. I like that you have sand on one side and gravel on the other side. Over all good looking aquarium!