Beginner 29 Gallon Saltwater Setup

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Hey everybody,

I have the chance to purchase the following for $100 and I was wondering if it was a good deal and worth it.
-29 gallon tank
-Marine Land LED day/off/night mode hood
-Maxi-Jet Powerhead
-AquaClear 30 Filter
-16lbs Reef Salt
-Large net
-Electronic thermometer
-Flake Food, Pellets, Dried Shrimp, Tablets
-Salt Gauge
-Cheap Test Strips
-Algae Scrubber
-10oz Trace Elements
-4 1/2oz Smart Zyme
-Large Siphon
-5 2-3in PVC pipe chunks for hiding/propping up live rock
-Live Sand 40 pounds, clean
-3 Live Rocks 10lbs
-1 lg branch looking live rock 2lbs
-5 unique small live rock, 5lbs
-Copepods thriving in tank

I have a few other questions as well. Will I be able to do some beginner corals with a light like this and if so what types do you recommend? Any other salt water tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Bump, still wondering if the price is right for the sale
James Cochran
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very good deal
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That looks like a good deal. However, I do not see a protein skimmer in that list and if you get this, you should look into getting one. You do not 'have to have' a protein skimmer (we have a nano that doesn't), but they sure do make easier/help with so many things!

As far as the light keeping corals, maybe, but I would need to know the model. Easy corals that can work under low light would be green star polyps, red star polyps, yellow colony polyps, sansibia sp., playthoas, some zooanthids, colt coral, xenia, anthella, some leathers, and mushrooms. Apart from the leather and mushrooms unless you want these to grow over your rock, be careful to isolate them on the sandbed.

I would love to give you a piece of our neon green polyped leather... It is a beautiful coral, but that thing will not stop self fragging. We have 6-7 pieces of it...
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Seems like a really good deal for $100.

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Thanks for the responses. I think I'm going to go for it, I'm just shocked at the sheer amount of information required for salt water. Any suggestions on some solid protein skimmers? I'm on a bit of a budget but I'm open to all.
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So the owner said that their corals grew fine. I'll update on the actual types later. Can you always add on light with clip on CFLs like you can for freshwater plants?
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I don't recall seeing any marineland lights that are good for growing corals. If you're willing to put aside the money for it I'd look into a Kessil A150 (As recommended to me by James Cochran.)
James Cochran
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I do like the A150s a lot. It's a good LED that can grow great. I recommend the 15k or the 20k. The 15k being better for growth, but ultimately the 20k provides a better look for the corals.

It's not 460nm like other blue bulbs but it still had an actinic spike at 420nm. Corals utilize spikes in the 400-500nm range. If you could supplement a 20k True Actinic light with ATI Blue Plus spectrum you'd have great growth results.

You can find great T5 systems. A 6 T5 system is nice. I would run it as like this. Note there is an option for on for bulb #4 for what you want out of your tank. I have tried all combination and found this one with True Actinic looks the best for everything. If you're able to put on any type of kessil especially an A160 or A360 you'll get the amazing shimmer effect and allow corals to grow at an angle towards the front glass display where the kessil is pointed down at an angle to remove shading from under rocks and corals own skeletons.

ATI Blue Plus
ATI Coral Plus
ATI Aquablue Special
ATI True Actinic(Corals fluorescent/Aquablue Special(Color balance)/Blue Plus(Growth)
ATI Coral Plus
ATI Blue Plus
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I'm able to get a Coralife 08605 Lunar Aqualight T5 High Output Quad Lamp from a local seller. Anyone have experience with it?

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