beginer tropical lover - advise on matchmaking

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    Hi, i was told that some fish dont like each other, so they would fight, incedently possibly leaving in one or two or more of the fish being killed. I do not want this to happen. I have a 3 foot tank by 15 inches and about 20 high. I am starting from scratch so i am going to buy all the equip and set up the tank. Should i leave the tank empty (with water, no fish) for 2 weeks before i put fish in or can i leave it a week? Also, i love fish that are like these,-Christmas-visit-2004/g104B_Tropical_Fish.jpg

    What type of fish would you reccomend me to have? I will also have a procostimous in the tank (the algy eater)

    btw sorry for my spelling, i am dysletic

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    Welcome to FishLore!  It's great to have you with us!  That picture in the link you posted is a beautiful tank.  However, it is saltwater.  Are you planning on a saltwater tank?  Those tanks are much more complicated and expensive.  My suggestion would be to start with a freshwater tank where there are many fish just as colorful as the saltwater fish, with less of an investment.  Freshwater tanks also have much more choices on plants for the tank than saltwater tanks do. 

    Rainbowfish  I can stay on this site for hours!

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    Welcome to FishLore!!!! don't worry about the spelling, We just blame it on Dino ;)
    If you have a plecostomous in the tank right now then its freshwater.
    Your tank computes to about 39 or 40 gallons.

    Angels would be beautiful also!!