Been Awhile!

  1. azazelsfyre

    azazelsfyre Well Known Member Member

    hello again!
    I know I haven't been around much! In the time that I have been gone I have definitely changed my tank around :) In addition to the two betta, I had some sailfin mollies housed for a bit, they have since moved on to their proper homes, I have two red wag platys (one was my roomies but she knew she'd probably never have a proper tank for it), and I'm also raising two plecos (one for each side of the divider) to help control my algae now, then to move into my bf's mothers indoor pond (pretty big) then ultimately out to the large pond as needed.
    An addition of some more plants, all of which seem to be thriving, and so far everybody's happy! I'm actually very glad to have extended my fish family beyond the bettas; while I was not a fan of the mollies the red wags and the plecs have so much personality :)
    So just dropping in to say hey!
    Also, since I have last been on my dorm has lifted their "no fish" rule, so my tank no longer has to be a secret.
  2. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome back! Great to see you online!
  3. pirahnah3

    pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    glad to have you back around!