1. fengshui

    fengshui Valued Member Member

    So as funny as it sounds, I'd like to get some black beard algae growing, however I just can't seem to. I believe algae is beneficial for the aquarium as well as the inhabitants. Therefore could any of you share some experiences or knowledge on how to culture algae in the tank? I currently have cherry/amano shrimp with marimo moss balls, an anubias, and some random floating plant. I dose flourish almost everyday, and try to dose API co2 booster along with flourish when I have the time. Lights are CFLs and on all day. Filters include aqueon quiet flow 10, a bio sponge filter and an aqua-clear 50. I was wondering will growing java fern be beneficial to my shrimps? Also, if I want to grow black beard algae, then if I bought a plant covered with it, will it spread throughout my tank?
  2. Kindafishy

    Kindafishy Well Known Member Member

    Chances are, if you introduce it to your tank, then it will keep spreading. Removing the moss balls may help, as they compete with algaes for nutrients, but it may not be BBA you get.
  3. OP

    fengshui Valued Member Member

    will BBA grow on the marimo moss balls?