Battery Powered Heater?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by BlissfulBetta, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. BlissfulBetta

    BlissfulBetta Valued Member Member

    I have a betta fish in a 10 gallon. I live in Michigan and it gets really cold here. This winter several cities surrounding us had a week-long power outage. I'm very lucky that this didn't affect my city. I want to be prepared though in case it happens in later years.
    Are there any good battery-powered heaters for 10 gallon tanks? If not, how can I keep my betta warm if something like this happens again?
  2. MaddieTaylah

    MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    I think that heaters use too much power to be battery operated as the batteries wouldn't last very long.

    I have previously used a hot water bottle to warm my tank when my heater broke.

    Next time you could also try wrapping it in blankets & adding a little bit of warm water to the tank to slowly decrease the temperature.
  3. Lemonz13

    Lemonz13 Valued Member Member

    If you had the money you could get a small generator just for your fish tank. I plan on saving up for one. This is really the best option I have found.

    Battery powered heaters just aren't very good since they require a large amount of power. You could get a UPS heater and plug it in to a charged computer but that would only be able to run at half...if that.
  4. MaddieTaylah

    MaddieTaylah Well Known Member Member

    I was going to suggest a backup generator but they are very expensive.

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