Battery Acid In Air Pump Help

  1. B3tta fishy Member Member

    hello again. I just set up another hospital tank for my dwarf neon rainbows that are on their last fins :(. I picked up one of my two battery powered air pumps because my normal one is in use rn. It has battery acid in it and I have no clue what to do because that stuff is dangerous loll it was from a d battery. Now I’m scared im gonna die lol. If anyone can help that would be gR8 thx. Should I throw it out or?
  2. Tesla Member Member

    Best dump it, you don’t want to mess with battery acid and get it on you or the tank.
  3. Voracious David Member Member

    Throw out the battery or the air pump? Don't throw out either. Your city might have a toxic collection place, deposit the battery there. Wipe off the air pump really good with a paper towel and it'll be fine. Replace it with new batteries. Even if it malfunctions, the batteries are in a waterproof place inside the pump so the acid won't get into the tank.
  4. Voracious David Member Member

    Definitely don't "dump it." The acid can leak from your local waste dump and get into nearby water sources. In trace amounts it won't do anything, but really? Don't be that guy who throws their gum wrapper on the ground because "the trash can was too far away." Be responsible.
  5. Zypher023 Member Member

    When you say it has battery acid in it, do you mean the batteries corroded? Or did one burst open or something?

    Batteries can corrode if left in an item too long while it goes unused. Definitely take them out of your other pump if it’s not in use. That’s common and while you don’t want it on you skin, it’s not going to kill you by any means. If you have disposable gloves use those, otherwise I’ve just used facial tissue to remove corroded batteries so I don’t touch them. Put the battery in a plastic bag and taken it to a facility to dispose of it safely. Any place that recycles batteries will take it.

    You can then clean the battery compartment so it’s safe to use again. If you have something like a q-tip, use that with pure white vinegar. Rub it on the contacts so they’re nice and shiny again. Get out any gunk left in from the battery. Let it fully dry and if the battery acid didn’t cause any permanent damage, it should work just fine. Nothing from the battery compartment should be going out the airline. You can still test it in a glass of water first if you’re concerned.
  6. Voracious David Member Member

    Beautifully said. I've had batteries corrode before, but I normally just wipe it with a paper towel. Your way seems better.

    I only regret that I have but one like to give :p