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    Hello everyone! So I am relatively new to the hobby and I have had fish before but now that im older I see the difference in tech and what cycling is etc. But I had to do a lot of research prior especially on filtration.

    So to help other newcomers I was hoping if as a community we can make a thread (a new one not this one) Where we can have basic information. Such as what HOB stands for (I know this is very basic info for a lot of you but I had to google acronyms like this because I had no idea what it meant when I was reading through posts).

    Apart from basic definitions I was hoping we can also write pros and cons to each type of filter like "requires constant filtration replacement" or things a long that line and other little tid bits of info.

    For more help I was even hoping to have some links to some of the better end filters and filters that can be used on a budget just so that theres some visual representation as well as getting people started in what they should be looking for in a filter.

    Something that i see a lot of are questions on what type of filter is best for this size tank of xx gallons. So we can seperate all the filters by gallon size even starting as low as 1.5 gallons. Now for this i was thinking of talking about how plants can be used as filters, aquaponics (if thats spelled correctly) and even adding that video of a DIY sponge filter I have seen a couple people post.

    This way a lot of time will be saved and a lot of information will be all in one place. Now to get the information I hope theres discussion and I wont write the very first thing I see, I will write the general consensus and I hope that everyone writes about what they know best. Any cited sources would also help.

    This is just a suggestion of course, anyone else is also welcomed to write the new thread and I hope we can make this happen
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    That sound like a great idea!! I too was wondering about filters.can’t wait!!
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    As a newbie just starting to read about filtration this week, I would appreciate this.
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    Oh sorry for the late response been busy lol, but ill respond to what i can.

    While this is helpful, there are still a lot of threads asking the same question about what filter is best for this gallon tank etc. and i havent really seen a nice thread where a lot of this info is present and if there are some good replies they tend to not explain things that some newcomers maybe wouldnt understand.
    But if i make this thread that post will def. be linked so thank you!

    Yeah im pretty new and I've learned a lot from here but a lot of information was spread out which is why i wanted to come up with this thread. If I make it ill let you know!