Baseball size moss ball fell apart.


just went to squeeze my baseball sized marimo and it literally fell apart...very brown on the inside. I now have 3 strands of it and have no idea what to do...suggestions?



I'd probably either get rid of it, or get rid of all the brown bits and try to salvage what is left, rolling it back into balls gently.


Eeeew you should probably toss it and get a shiny, clean, pretty new moss ball! If you want to salvage it though you could probably try to make some cool shapes with it. Maybe make it into a sausage


You can probably salvage it. Same thing happened to me - I bought what I thought was a marimo ball online ( can't remember the seller ) about a year after having it, same thing happened and it was not a ball at all! I felt ripped off!
I trimmed the edges off and its in my tank to this day ( although flat like yours ) the shrimp love it so I guess its okay,.

Oddly enough, the ones I have had from Petsmart for 5-6 years are still shaped like a ball ( orange size )

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