Barb Question

  1. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    I keep reading that tiger barbs and cherry barbs aren't suppose to be kept together but at the pet store where I get my fish he has them in the same tan with no problem's. I'm wondering because I got 3 of each for Christmes.
  2. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Petstores have setups where they don't really have to consider long-term compatibility like private fishkeepers do. I wouldn't take cues from how a pet stor keeps their fish - They'll also keep 30 angelfish in a 20 gallon long tank.

    I don't know much about barbs. I think cherry barbs are timid and tigers are aggressive, so I'm sure that what you've read is accurate.

    Are you cycling with TSS and those 6 fish?

  3. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I think my cycle is about complete. I got some fish from my wife for Christmas. 3 Cherry Barb's and 3 Tiger Barb's. I would take them back but she really went out of her way to keep the fish hidden from me and to keep them in good health to surprise me on Christmas morning. So they've already been added to the tank. She did it last nght when I was asleep. Now I know why she had to go out late on Christmas eve. I might have to add more of one or the other to keep them peaceful. The Tiger's are very little so I hope they will behave. At the store she said they were all in the same tank.
  4. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    How sweet of your wife. To get you something she thought you'd love, and to take care of it until it was time to surprise you... awww. you are one lucky guy... :)

    I don't know enough about barbs to advise you as to how to make this situation work. wait for more answers. :)

  5. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    Well I'm gonna and try to make it work. I guess when she got up to feed our 3 week old she also added the fish. I have to keep them.
  6. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    The tiger's are getting along with the zebra's and the cherries really good so far. Man those tiger's are some aggresive feeder's, they right at the top with the zebra's where as the cherries stay at the bottom and chill.
  7. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Congrats on the new baby. :)

  8. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks she was born on 12-4, our little Christmas bundle of joy.