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Discussion in 'Catfish' started by Ogskive, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. OgskiveNew MemberMember

    Hello, I've had a 50gal tank running for a few months now. I will be purchasing a Banjo Catfish, specifically bunocephalus coracoideus. I'm pretty new to this and have never had any bottom dwelling fish. What and how much should I feed them? Thanks you.
  2. NCE12940Well Known MemberMember

  3. OgskiveNew MemberMember

    Thank you but this site does not say how much I should feed them.
  4. NCE12940Well Known MemberMember

    It's really not possible to tell how much to feed - There are too many variables for a one-size-fits-all answer. You're just going to have to use your best judgment on how quickly food is eaten and the condition of the fish.
  5. kidster9700Well Known MemberMember

    I go by the tummy. If the tummy looks distended after a few hours, that's too much. If it's plump, then that's just right.
    I hope that helps!
    Edit: and I say a few hours because I've noticed that my bottom feeders often do not finish their food as quickly as the other fish.

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  6. OgskiveNew MemberMember

    Okay thanks guys

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