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Bamboo With Mystery Snails Question

  1. J

    Josiah Roggio New Member Member

    I bought 6 bamboos from Petco for my new tank today and found 2 snails on them. I want to know what kind both of them are so I can remove them if they breed too fast or are pesty. If so, could any of my fish in my other tank eat them? (Cory cats, molly, pleco, tetras) f80d814c463744609aad7a2a411fbe09.jpg
  2. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Looks like bladder snails. They will not reproduce a lot (or at least not have many surviving babies), if you do not overfeed or have dying plants.
  3. CricketKeeper

    CricketKeeper Well Known Member Member

    Lucky bamboo isn't fully aquatic. The leaves need to be left out of the water of the plant will eventually turn into mush. I also agree with what FishFish said.