Bamboo shrimp.


Big mistake. I was picking up an on line order and took a stroll through the fish room. There I saw a bamboo shrimp for the first time and fell in love. I didn't get it since I don't know about them, so am coming here for info.

Here are my set ups. A 55 gallon that has been going continually for 30 years so has a weird mish mosh of very old, some about 15 yrs old, and newer fish, mostly guppies and mollies, but also a rescue angel, 3 rescue silver dollars, sae's, cories, even a few ottos when they decide to show themselves, as well as mystery, nerite, ramshorn and blasted bladder snails. A 20 gallon that has a large red cherry shrimp colony(started with 15, must now have at least 100, if not 200), 5 amano shrimp and 2 ghost shrimp, 4 assassin snails, a few ramshorn snails, and the blasted bladder snails. A new 10 gallon with just a few blue cherry shrimp, the start of my new colony, ramshorn snails and again, those blasted bladder snails. All tanks are planted, well cycled and have great water prams with the exception being high ph, gh and kh because I'm on well water and that has worked out great as far as the neo shrimp and snails, easy moults and snail shell growth.

So in any of these tanks is it possible to keep bamboo shrimp? I will not add them to my tanks if, first, my water is too hard for them, second, if my tanks are not suitable, third, if they will harm my neo's in any way.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


Your 20g sounds the best she will need currant to feed the fact your ph is high i would drip acclimate her for a few hrs
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Thanks Richie, you're my go to shrimp guy ;)

Should I decide to get her/him, which would be tomorrow after work since the lfs is 20 miles from my home, but across the street from my work, I just wanted to make sure everything was in order first. I'm silly in that all my pets, furry or wet are happy, healthy and well taken care of. Hey, you don't have to be able to pet a pet to love it! Just ask my 25 year old gander.

I did research them. I understand that they are like my amano's, a dead end street as far as breeding, I'm not equipped or knowledgeable enough to do it. It's just I thought she/he was so beautiful and thought she/he would add so much interest to my tank, the same way the amanos do, breaks up all the red:D

They called him/her a flower shrimp, took a while to find out she/him is a bamboo shrimp.

K, now I have to go to lfs after work tomorrow to see if she/he is still there. My hubby may not be happy, but he totally loves my rcs tank, I have a feeling he'll also fall in love with her/him.

And yes, it's drip acclimation all the way, got to make sure he/she is adjusted to my hard water.

Omg, the people at work might have to put up with new baby pics, they already call me the crazy shrimp person, lol.
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