Bamboo Shrimp White Mold


One of my bamboo shrimp’s shell has been turning white and powdery especially on the tail area. Looking almost like mold or fungus, anyone knows what this is?


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Welcome to Fishlore sorry you’re having an issue with your shrimp, hope our shrimp keepers can help you today


I would call in richie.p he is the shrimp pro that can probably lead you in the right direction. In the meantime I would be prepared to give all your water parameter readings. Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, PH, GH, KH. Good Luck!!


It looks like normal coloration to me. You'll know for sure next time it molts. Sometimes biofilm or algae can grow on them if they sit in one place too long too. Lol


Interesting. I picked up my first a few months ago. Really unique character. Mine is a deep red color and just successfully molted. It was kind of pale when I first got it (travel stress I suppose). Just make sure has enough to eat, good water and flow. Other than that let's see what richie.p has to say. Will be watching!


when I first saw this I thought strange then remembered seeing another like it so went digging and its in the picture, its not disease in fact it almost looks like a build up of calcium but have to agree with Ravynn its colour and its how it is, very little is known about fan shrimp and diseases, yours is also a very dark bamboo so the white shows more. again kallililly1973 & jmaldo valid points, just make sure the water is clean and right perimeters for bamboo and feed some spirulina powder into the water flow where's shes feeding so she gets calcium,


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Sorry I’ve been inactive lately. Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it. It was very informative. The shrimp is looking better and seems to regained some of its brown coloration and is fanning away as he used to. My water parameters are normal although I’m not sure what my exact pH is however it should be slightly on the acidic side as I’m using the Amazonia 2 soil as substrate.
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates 15-20 ppm


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Hes looking good and found himself a nice place to feed, has he moulted at all and as the tail changed colour now he's settled

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