Bamboo shrimp question.

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    Themaniac19 Member Member

    Are their population numbers stable? I've read that most of them are wild caught and if they have low numbers I have no interest in supporting the trade.
  2. Skyy2112

    Skyy2112 Member Member

    Many species are wild caught be/c they can sell them to stores, and also be/c they can be ""impossible"" to breed. However from many researched fish, they are not endangered. Infact... One very popular fish is considered near endangerment. Wanna say tiger barb. Perhaps I'll look it up.

    Personally, I dont know what you mean by 'supporting the trade', but ideally w/ I would assume they are just like Glass Cats. Wild caught due to low breeding in captivity.
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    Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Supporting the trade simply means buying it. As in, if bamboo shrimp are endangered, op doesn't want to buy them, and thus support the trade. Boycotting essentially.

    The maniac, I could find anything about their wild population numbers on iucnredlist or fish base, so I don't know. I haven't heard that the wild pops are having trouble thougj. Shrimp breed relatively fast, so I doubt it.
    Esit:c wiki had their living range.
    Based on how far they spread out, I doubt they are remotely close to any danger