Bamboo shrimp hiding in filter and one missing

Here is a little bit of backstory to my situation, I purchased 2 amano shrimp at my lfs. After I acclimated them and they were released into my 20g I noticed they did not look like amano shrimp and infact they were bamboo shrimp. I decided to keep them sense after researching them I thought they would do fine in my set up. Fast forward a little and both shrimp began to hide, one hid in the filter and the other hid in a sword plant. The one that hid in the sword plant has since gone missing and I cannot find him, I have 3 mystery snails so if he had died I would assume they would be on top of the body. The other one still hides in the filter and I do not know why, there could be 2 in the filter but so far I have only seen one at a time. I would like to know how I could find this missing shrimp, or if there are any reasons that I have not seen this one in a few weeks? I also want to know why the other one is hiding in the filter and is seemingly not leaving? Is there anything I could do to encourage him to stay outside of the filter but still able to get food? I would like to see him since bamboo shrimp are fascinating to watch while fanning for food but it has become difficult to do water changes because this is when the water line goes below the filter for a few minutes. I would assume shrimp would not enjoy that experience, or me trying to get him out by disturbing the filter.
First off - do they have enough calcium? Do you supplement that at all? Shrimp and snails definitely need that. What is your pH?

I have not kept bamboo shrimp before but have heard that they enjoy areas of high flow because that's where they'll get the most food when they fan. If one is hiding in your filter, that could mean he's not getting enough food and/or the flow in the rest of the aquarium isn't high enough. Some things to think about. I'm unsure how to add food particles to the water efficiently for them.

Recap - calcium supplementation, check pH, research food options, assess water flow in the tank.
Bamboo are remarkable and will spend their whole life in the filter if you let him, even if you remove him he will go back in, the other may well be in there with him I can't see your ph being in question as their tolerance is ph6-8
I dont see mine from one month to the next and have had them for 4ish years

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