Bamboo (Flower) Shrimp

  1. Archie1208 Member Member

    I have two bamboo shrimp (had three, but...). My concern is that they are no longer fanning and are foraging through the substrate. My water is impeccable (so- good news and bad news), and I guess they are not getting what they need through the water column. As a note, one did molt - have not seen the other do so.

    My question...what can I add to the water that would ensure that they are getting what they need. Has anyone had success with this? I do t want them to starve but really am having a hard time having success with them fanning for their food.

    Thank you in advance.

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  2. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Powdered spirulina algae. I also kept a true green water culture for my African Filter shrimp when I had them, so that's another option. Just dump some in now and then. They feed on algae and microorganisms, so keep that in mind when feeding. If you don't yet have plants in your tank, add some, and it will help keep them fed in between your food infusions.
  3. Archie1208 Member Member

    Heavily planted. And thank you. The LFSs around me (there are basically none now) I would bet don't carry this. Do you have a place online you could suggest?

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  4. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Eh, you can just get algae wafers and smash them to bits in an herb grinder. That aside, Amazon has tons of powdered fish foods whenever I look, so check there. :) You can also, if you want to get some really, really good food for both your fish and your shrimp, make your own. Get high quality fish foods, or dry ingredients and make your own flakes and powder.

    I actually have an herb grinder specifically for this purpose lol.
  5. Archie1208 Member Member

    Thank you very much. Will use food processor before wife comes home. Again many thanks

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  6. goldenguppy Initiate Member