Balloon Molly pregnancy, about to give birth?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by BatKatie, Nov 29, 2012.

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    balloon.jpg So, picked up three mollies from the LFS just under two weeks ago, and they've been doing wonderfully aside from a rather obviously (I hope) pregnant one of the batch. She's much larger, much greedier and is starting to show signs of dropping some little ones (hanging out near the bottom in a corner, not chasing the others quite as much and suddenly the male has more interest in her than even a day ago).

    I grabbed a birthing trap in case it's REALLY close (overnight), but I hate the idea of stressing her and how ridiculously confined the thing is.

    My question is, after seeing the attached photo, does she seem pregnant and potentially ready to pop? I can't see a gravid spot for the life of me, so figuring out whether she's pregnant or just has some exceptionally deformed belly has been impossible. There's a tiny white portion around her anal vent (you can see it in the photo, it's small) that's protuding a little for the first time tonight, and I've been told that can be a sign of imminent birth.

    And a second little question... am I better off to pick up some floating plants tomorrow and basically line the tank for the potential fry, or would it be best to just let her have the fry in this birthing trap, then put her back in the main portion of the tank once they've dropped? I'm exceptionally new to fishkeeping, so I'm trying to have as smooth a first birthing process as possible, particularly for the mom.

    Or maybe she's not even pregnant, and I'm just a crazy, obsessing little ginger!
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    Good morning and WelcomeXmas.gif to Fish Lore!

    It's difficult for me to tell when a Balloon Molly is pregnant. Beautiful fish though.

    Let's get some more responses! Please keep us posted.

    I hope you enjoy the site.

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    hmmm...she does look very heavy. i only own one female balloon, blondie, i'm pretty sure mine is going to drop soon though because she has gotten alot bigger and has a bluish tint to her vent. i havent ever seen a gravid spot on a balloon mollie. before she was with the male mollie in a 20 gal. and i moved her to a 10 gal. so she can have her babies in a safe heavily planted tank. if you let her drop in the main tank theres a high possibility that they will be eaten or sucked in to the filter. i really have no idea why males go crazy over very gravid females but mine do that 3 do that too. i guess they just like big bellys right? lol if she doesnt drop after about a week or so put her back in the main tank. this is probably as much as i can help you.
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    Welcome to Fish Lore.

    I prefer to your 2nd idea, adding more plants to your tank for the fry to go hide inside. I've got some at the top and bottom of my tank and plenty survive. Most aren't even chased any more, but I put that more to the adults being well fed so they may not feel the urgency to snack.

    I'm not good at guessing at mollies, you'd have to apply your best guess since you've seen her original size. Just go by the fact that she can drop around once a month and you'll know around how close she is.

    Good luck on raising your future fry!