Balloon Molly Pooping A Lot

Discussion in 'Molly' started by TheNacho, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. TheNacho

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    I got 3 female balloon mollies 2 days ago.

    I noticed one of them is pooping a lot, just now I saw her pooping again 5 minutes after pooping. Generally she seems to poop a lot, way more than the other two. She doesn't seem to eat more than the other two.

    Also, while the other 2 are moving around quite a lot, this one seems to stay in one of the upper corners of the tank, not moving from place for long moments. She does move around the tank, but stays in that corner for a big portion of that time.

    Also, although her poop (and the other fish's poop) is generally brown like the flakes I'm feeding them, one of the poops I saw today was half white. The rest were brown.

    Anyone knows what's the reason for this?
  2. Fahn

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    Mollies pooping a lot? Who knew?!

    Seriously, mollies and other livebearers are very prolific poopers. Good filtration and diligent weekly maintenance is required when keeping them.

    Hanging out in the corner and white poop? Sounds like an intestinal parasite.

    What is the volume of the tank?
  3. OP

    TheNachoNew MemberMember

    The tank is 10 gallons approximately. Yes, very small, I know, I honestly thought it was relatively big when I bought it... talk about new fishkeeper mistakes..

    However the white poop was only one time and it was only half of the small string she pooped. Now, the morning after, she isn't hanging out in the corner anymore, she's swimming around with the others and seems okay, at least to the eye. I saw her poop this morning and it was brown.

    In any case, what should I do if she does have an internal parasite? I don't have any other aquarium, only a fishbowl I'm currently using to try and grow pieces of one of the aquarium plants, I don't have any additional filter or air stone.. what should be done to determine if she's sick and what should I do if she is?
  4. Fahn

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    Just keep an eye out for these symptoms:
    -sunken belly, rapid weight loss
    -rapid breathing/gasping at surface
    -lethargic and listless
    -refusal to eat/spitting food out
    -white, stringy feces
    -hiding or staying in the back corners of the tank

    These are usually tell-tale signs of internal parasites. If one fish has it you may as well treat the entire tank. Something like API General Cure is good because it contains two anti-parasitic medications, Praziquantel and Metronidazole.