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    Well I finally have my balloon molly tank up and running and this is the first time I've actually decided to really try to breed them I usually would end up with one or two random babies that would grow up but I never pulled any of the babies or anything out so most of them got eaten. But I bought two breeder nets (only because I know for sure two are preg and I will have on that will just have the babies in it until I get them a sep tank) and I now feed a couple different foods One is just a tropical flake and then the other is Formula two (I forget the actual brand its a frozen veggie type food) advice on what else I should feed would be loved.

    Okay well now time for the questions.
    -How do I tell when one is about to give birth? I know with guppies you can see through their bellys and see the babies. But the two I know for sure are preg are solid one is white and the other is silver so you can't see through them at all but they are massively fat.
    -If they do accidentally give birth in the tank if I keep the fish well fed do you think they'll leave the fry alone until I catch them?
    -Right now I have 3 males and 4 females is this okay? I know its reccomended to have 2 females per male but when I was there I couldn't pick two out of the three boys that I liked. I plan to get a couple more females once my LFS gets more in the rest all looked boring.
    -What temp would be good to encourage breeding?
  2. master of fishesNew MemberMember

    well if you cant see through them and if they are white then maybe they are not pregenant.they will still go after the fry even if you keep the mollies well fed.remember,all mollies love to eat their babies.if you want to keep 3 males and 4 females it depends if they are agressive or peaceful with eachother.but its best to get 2 more females.the best temp would be a around 27 celcius for best breeding results.thats what i do to my livebearers.
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    are there any signs they're about to have the babies? Or a way to tell if they're pregenant or not?
  4. master of fishesNew MemberMember

    since you have balloon mollies,its hard to tell but the only other way to tell is to see the dark black gravid spot in front of the analfin.
    hope my answer helped!

    also try to send a photo of your molly so i can can see if its preganant or not since i had livebearers for a long time.I think i am reaching to become an expert soon at livebearers.
    good luck on your pregnant balloon mollies.
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    I tried to get pictures but they just move so fast. I'll get my other camera and try in a little bit. Like the both of them have gotten bigger in the past week that I've had them and they both look like they're about to burst.
  6. master of fishesNew MemberMember

    hey are you online right now?try to take a picture quick so you can get the answer quick too.its actually pretty easy to take a pic of a molly when its still or eating.
  7. master of fishesNew MemberMember

    hey y r u taking long?

    r u there?
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    I'm really sorry I havn't had a chance for pictures I'll get some when I get home from work. Or well I'll try.
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    when her belly looks like a square she is ready