Bala Sharks!

  1. Tammy Initiate Member

    Good Morning to all....I am new to this site and not too sure how it works but I would like to know if anyone has any information about Bala Sharks that I might need to know. I am new to the whole fish sceen and my boyfriend and I just purchased acouple Balas. We love them but just want to make sure we keep good care of them. When we got home we noticed one of them has alittle red to him, is this normal or could he be sick??

    Any information would be greatly appreacated. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

  2. fletch Member Member

    Ive never had a bala shark but because no-one else has answered you I thought I would try to help. I havnt heard of red appearing on the shark but you should watch to see if it grows or changes. Ask at a fish store if the fish shows signs of distress or loses energy or becomes shy. the bala shark grows to 16" just incase you didnt know and you have a smaller tank.

  3. Tammy Initiate Member

    Thank you very much for replying back to me, even though you have never had bala sharks. I love my sharks they are soo much fun to watch. The shark that had some red seems likes hes ok and the redish tint to him seems like its going away. My best time with them is feeding time. They love their food and go crazy, man can these guys swim fast.

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    I have had bala sharks before (2). I had mine for about 4 months, when they got those red streaks down their sides. After a couple of days they died. Yours could be sick, I would check it out if I were you. The Jungle brand medicines have illustrations on the back of their boxes so if your not sure what your bala shark has you'll be able to identify it.
  7. Jason Well Known Member Member

    On the plus side they look great and are very active! Always on the go!

  8. Frank01Mustang Initiate Member

    balla sharks are one of the most hardiest fish I have ever owned, I had a school of 3 that grew to be 14 inches! in 5 years these fish went through alot of different sickness and when other fish kicked the bucket these guys were always troopers! Do a little more research on it, treat your tank if you have to, but I think your sharks will be fine!
  9. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    How big is the tank you have them in? How often do you do water changes? Is your tank cycled? Keeping the water very clean is always the best first step from avoiding illness. You may be already doing this, and I don't mean you don't. I just didn't see any answers on this thread to the questions I asked, and clean water is usually the first step. At least weekly water changes and make sure the tank is cycled. ;)