bala shark sudden death Question

Discussion in 'Bala Shark, Silver Shark' started by philly, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. phillyNew MemberMember

    today one of my healthy bala sharks which is about 4 inches long had and a freak out attack and started smashing into everything and nose diving into the gravel. This persisted for about thirty seconds until it flipped over and blood started coming out of it's gills. There were three bala in the tank. one about 6 inches long and the other was three. The middle one was the fish that had the incident. I know balas can get startled very easily but i was watching the tank from my couch and nothing startled the fish it just started freaking out like it had a heart attack. i had just done a water change the day previous. i was wondering if anyone knows what happened so i could try to prevent this from happening to my larger bala. i have one angel fish and a 8 inch pleco in the tank as well.

    thank you: :;sharky
  2. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    Welcome to fishlore Philly! What size tank is it? Do you know the water parameters? It would help in diagnosing the problem if you could answer these and fill out your aquarium information.
  3. dee34Valued MemberMember

    i dont think i would like to have seen that happen !

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