bala shark question

  1. jks Initiate Member

    hi - i have three bala sharks, about 3-4" in length apiece. i have noticed that one's eyes get very black once in a while but it goes away. does anyone know why this could be? i read somewhere posted by a bala owner that they had one whose eyes got black when it was angry. i can't find anything else on this subject. does anyone know or have any ideas?
  2. JustinT Initiate Member

    Re: bala question

    I've never actually kept bala sharks but I know that with every fish I've kept I could tell its mood by its color. They change like crazy! Do you notice any odd behavior from your shark while his eyes are black? Is he (or she) the dominant fish in the tank?
  3. skill Initiate Member

    Yeah... I've got a bala, he's usually peaceful, but once a tiger barb bit him and he rammed it, while this happened, his eyes were black, so I agree that a bala's eyes turn black when it is mad.
  4. Jmarcus Member Member

    I have balas, never noticed them angry but will be looking for black eyes ;D