Bak 2 Skool

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Well Iam back at school well have been back since Feb 2-3 can't remember but yr 11 is . Stupid homework. I am doing Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Studies, Religion (compulsary), Japanese and Australian Studies (compulsary). Wish I could have done a subject which was fun like PE (sport) .So I won't be coming online very often probably just Saturday night.

I have everything set up in my new tank and have started cycling hopefully done quicker due to seeding tank etc.. so yeah

Good Luck to everyone else in their endeavours etc, etc....................................
c u nxt wk end.

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good luky wit school
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I h8 maths I'm so glad I dropped it!!!!! IM ON HALF TERM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT its only til thursday so LONG WEEKEND WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! lol I'm studyin english as well its my best subject

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Same story with me Craig! Hate math but I'm talented at english. ;D Only difference is : I'm in 5th grade!!!
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I like math bcause its clear and concrete whereas lit is really obscure questions and b o r I n g reading, like "The Federalist" and random other junk (well anyway I think its junk lol)
tho I normally get straight A's in all subjects w00t ;D ;D ;D yay
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lol its lucky 4 some!! I'm bak 2 the slave house 2moro not lookin 4ward 2it I love bein off skool cause u get 2 lay in in the mornins and not hav 2 get up at 7am then u can go out with ur m8s play golf go play indoor football and just relax and not hav 2 think about work!! but bak in2 all the hard work 2moro!! history 1st period a double with mr jones I cannot wait!!

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same here I hate math love social studies though still in 8th grade but still the homework load is getting bigger so I will probably only be on friday and saturdays and any days I don't have much homerwork
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I'm in 9th grade

signed up for my sophomore year taking PIB physics, PIB chem, IB Math (precalc), PIB english, PIB Spanish 2, AP History...

homework is for squares... I just do mine in my off period... if I have an essay ill do it in about 20 minutes at home... I refuse to do homework at home, its against my principles.
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Yeah right as soon as your nearing the end of your schooling years fun takes a back seat and instead of having more fun time its more work time and it increases until you have like 5 assignments due on da same day.

Also I though maths was clear and concrete until you start doing Specialist and they introduce completely unneccessary concepts like imaginary numbers etc.
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