Bad Male Molly!!!

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by mistycheri, May 20, 2006.

  1. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    I have a pregnant black female molly and the black male molly is always chasing or following her around and it looks like he is nipping at her gravid spot (which, by the way, is white on a black molly :)), Is this normal behavior? Is he waiting around for her to have her babies so he can eat em? :mad:
    I don't know how far along she is, I've only had her for a little over two weeks. But she has already developed the boxy look.
    What should I do?? :-\ :-[
  2. leafgirl115Valued MemberMember

    Males will always do this to a female even if they are not preg. What do you have in the tank? Im woried that you only have 2 mollies. This is bad. You nead at least 2 females to every 1 male mollie (for all liveberors). If you could post some pictures of her we could tell you how long she is:)
  3. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    I bought two black female mollies for the male. He worried one to death. I have another female sunset platy in the tank also. I have a list of my fish in my signature. :)
  4. leafgirl115Valued MemberMember

    I just asked because this is what you had:
    10 gal. freshwater tank,
    3 panda cory's - Kitty, Pandy, Zorro
    1 male guppy - Cartman
    1 baby platy - Tiny
    1 black male molly - Boo
    1 female sunset platy - Butters
    2 spotted cory's - EL & Roy

    5 gal. freshwater,
    1 female Beta - Elvira
    1 spotted cory - Pepper
    1 bronze cory - Rusty

    You dont say you have any female mollies in it:)

    Im sory about your fish though.
  5. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    Ohhhh, that's cause I had added two of the black female mollies since then. I didn't add them to the signature cause you know how it is with new fish. I wanted to make sure they lived long enough to be added. :)
  6. CraigWell Known MemberMember

    sounds like u'll b fine now the male wont know who 2 chase 1st lol but definately normal behaviour with livebearers i currently hav 3 females swordtails to 1 male swordtail, bring on the babies!!! lol

    C W :D

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