Bacopa Monnieri Or Rotala Indica?

Hello all!! I have a 6 gallon fluval edge tank and am trying to get some plants! I have been looking into moneywort or Rotala Indica and just wanted to hear anyone’s personal experiences with these plants.

I have have a little extra light in this tank then what it comes with but I’d say I’m still around low to medium light? How fast do you guys grow either of these plants and what’s a good fertilizer for them? All I have in the tank now are some narrow leaf java ferns.

Which will grow faster?

Any help or suggestions on any other preferably fast growing leafy stem plants would be appreciated!!
both are kind of slow growers in my experience. if you mean true rotala indica, aka bonsaI rotala/ammania, then it's a more difficult plant that does better in high tech tanks. rotala rotundifolia is often mislabelled as rotala indica and is a much easier plant. bacopa like monnieri, caroliniana and australis will do better than true rotala indica.

fast and easy growers would be stuff like hygrophila corymbosa (leafy stem plant), hygrophila difformis (water wisteria), hygrophila angustifolia, water sprite, maybe ludwigia repens, vallisneria, hornwort and anacharis (not true stem plants, but can work as stem plants). amazon swords also do well.

one of the best fertilizers on the market is nilocg thrive. I also know someone who sells homemade complete liquid ferts for cheap.
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Thank you for the reply! Good info and definitely I will look I to those other plants as well as that fertilizer

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