Neil Skelding

Do fish need a background on the tank?


No its just their for decoration.


They Dont NEED a backround but it bring out there colors more form what I heard



I don't have backgrounds on my tanks. My corner tank is all black on the corner side. My regular glass tanks don't have backgrounds but I'm considering using some for the more skittish fish, just so that they don't jump with every movement that is near the tank. That's about the only purpose I can think of for having a background apart from aesthetic value


I think the backgrounds are just to cover all the wires, hose, etc.. so you don't have to look at them. If it's in the middle of the room than there really is no reason, at least that's my opinion of it.


No, but it makes the fish and tank look better.


It isn't an absolute must have but it is a very good idea to have some kind of solid background in a tank. Most of the fish in the aquarium industry come from relatively close to the bank of a lake or river like to feel the security of having the bank close by. The background is there to help provide that feeling of security. Fish kept without backgrounds will wash out their colours more in an attempt to blend in with their surroundings. Fish kept with some kind of backing will feel more secure & display darker, more intense colours. Tanks also look better to us with a background & it helps hide all the wires etc. I'd never have a tank without a background unless it was really huge. Like swimming pool huge.


Backgrounds can also provide a bit more security to the fish. No shadows and things changing behind the tank (depending on where it is located).

Karl R

Imho tanks with a nice solid color background look much neater. Also like everyone else has been saying it helps your fish feel more secure. If the fish feel safe they will spend more time where u can see them rather than hiding.


Good morning,

I think backgrounds are a wonderful addition to the aquarium. I like a solid black background as I think it adds more depth to the tank, helps to show the fishes true colors.

I'm also in agreement that it gives the fish a sense of security.


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