1. Craig Well Known Member Member

    things r goin well 4 my fish tank after a bad week last week :'( no comment! but i got a nice background finally 4 my tank but i made a few modifications 2 it lol :D i got this image of homer and bart simpson of google images (U know when bart is shark boy, then homer runs off lol but he was doin the same thing with the shark fin on his bak) :D :D lol!!! aye its funny but anyway i cut the pair of them out with the artist knife (high percision) lol then i cut a small line out of the background where the rocks r and stuck them through it then stuck them on2 it it looks really really crazy but works really well. Try new things guys experiment i did it like cause im crazy but once i get an idea in2 my head i go 4 it helps bein artistic as well 2 c sumthin like that. It looks like thre both poppin up out of the rocks in the background but the way it works it makes the background stand out more and makes it 3-D

    The fish love it it also looks like homer is lookin and bart it just works really well i'll try and get pictures of my tank up and runnin soon 4 all of u. I dont know what fish im goin 2 go 4 next possibly not 4 a while until i get them but i only hav 7!! so i dont know the platy revolution lasted about 2mins they were terrible 4 me so i wont get them again any ideas of what else i could get in my community tank? i hav 2 guppies 1 dwarf 1 golden gourami 1 ancistrus sucker fish 2 cory cats (they rule) Can i also my dissapointment of liverpool not bein able 2 put away middlesbrough 2day very annoyed about that! (big liverpool fan!) sorry 2 the americans if u dont know who liverpool r they r a football (soccer) team over here in the UK
  2. onelovie Member Member

    Your background sounds very creative and original! It's cool that you put a little work into it to make it unique.
  3. fletch Member Member

    good, idea. will try that. Dont be dissapointed at liverpool mate. I support a much lesser and far more frustrating team
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    So good to hear from people that like a real sport! ;)