Background Plant For Beginner

  1. Lascapa Member Member

    What would be a good tall background plant for a low light tank. 20 gal. high. As of now I have java fern 2 different types, dwarf lilly, dwarf water lettuce and anubias. Thanks for your response.
  2. James17 Well Known Member Member

    Wysteria is ok for that.
  3. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

  4. Lascapa Member Member

    Thanks, I'll check those out. I'm a little familiar with jungle val but not wysteria.
  5. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    I can second both the recommendations here for Wisteria and Jungle Val! Mine thrived in my 26 gallon bowfront tank and grew a ton. They look very different from one another so you have a couple really good options.

    Edited to add:

    Here's my tank about two months apart. Val is in the back and left, Wisteria in the front right.


    Fish tank.jpg
  6. Hollyhaffy Initiate Member

    Both jungle val and water wisteria are super easy to grow and propagate. Another one to look at is hygrophilia polysperma (dwarf hygro). Will add a bit of red to your tank and is very undemanding. All 3 are essentially water weeds so trimming back will be required to stop it taking over!
  7. James17 Well Known Member Member

    Here's the Wysteria in my twenty. 0712171924.jpg
  8. Lascapa Member Member

    20170712_194607-200x200.jpg Thanks for all the replies! And the pictures. Very nice tanks. You can definitely see a lot of growth in 2 month's. All the plants are looking very good. Also need to check out the dwarf hygro. It will be hard to decide. Lol. Here is a pic of my tank. The dwarf lily on the left has really grown a lot since I've had it.
  9. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    Looks like you already have some nice bushy plants. I think sone Jungle Val planted along the back wall would look great! And it'd also help you to camouflage the black equipment back there.
  10. Lascapa Member Member

    20170712_200331-1512x2016.jpg that last picture didn't come out that goo. I think this one is better.
  11. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    Nice, definitely a better pic. Great looking tank! Personally I'd put jungle val right behind the little house, wide enough to cover the two filter intakes. :)
  12. Lascapa Member Member

    Thank you, sounds like a good idea. Also i want to start replacing my fake plants with real ones over time.
  13. MissRuthless Well Known Member Member

    Man, you have more nice plants than I do, psshhh. I love lace leaf java ferns, I'm obsessed with mine. I just picked up some ludwigia repens and it's gorgeous - so purple and so green and so perfect, I thought they were fake when I saw them in the store. They seem easy enough to care for if you have enough light.
  14. HatterasMermaid Initiate Member

    Still new here and always searching for info as well as photos! Want to thank you all for the wonderful photos of your gorgeous tanks as well as info on plants! It is wonderful to see the tank before and 2 months later! Gives me hope! :D I've added 3 more plants to my list to read more about! Thank you all for sharing! ....some day I will post a photo of my tank!
  15. Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Hygrophilia polysperma is illegal in the us :(

    Jungle Val would be perfect, not sure the wisteria fits the tank. Another option would be ludwigia repens
  16. Lascapa Member Member

    I really like the ludwigia repens. Another good option. Thanks
  17. Lascapa Member Member

    Thank you☺ I like the java ferns too!
  18. Meemaw Member Member

    Hello I am getting ready to set up a 60 gallon tank. I really like how your plants look so I was checking to see if I could maybe use those type in a freshwater tank with gravel.
  19. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    You sure could! That's exactly what my tank in the picture had in it. Feel free to start your own forum post if you have specific questions about what plants to get!