Back into the hobby after 20 years from last tank

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    Hello joined to see how much has changed in 20 years of aquariums. So far I would say a lot has changed. Kids found baby aquatic turtle so I set up a tank for them. After it cycled added some fish. Yes I know turtles eat fish however some of his tank mates grow to be 12-14 inches. So as the turtle grows him and a few fish will be moving into a larger tank. Our turtle lives with 5 Tetras (4 of them are Glofish) 2 Bala Sharks 2 Cory cats.
    I had fish and turtles 20 yrs ago and life just got in the way to keep fish anymore and devote the time and attention they needed. now that I'am back into it considering building a reef tank at least 120 to 200 gallons with sump and refuguirm. Just in planning stage on that on for time being. Researching tanks, protein skimmers, etc etc for that one.

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    Welcome to Fish Lore!!!! I don't quite remember what it was like in the fish keeping hobby 20 years ago, since I hadn't been born yet 20 years ago lol, but anyways, so good to have you here!!! I'm BornThisWayBettas, Lady Gaga and betta super fan. 'Course, everyone around here calls me BTWB for short, so you can just call me that lol! :) Anyways, pleasure to meet you and I really hope to see you around the forums! :D

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    Nice to meet you BTWB. LOL I guess that officially makes me an old guy then. Back when I got my first aquarium we did everything wrong. Unfortunately the internet didn't exist. I remember my first computer when we got a 300 baud dial up modem. no world wide web just BBS boards you could log onto. At that time was mainly about pirating software and modifying computers. only fish help was pet stores and LFS. some of them didn't really have a clue so fish died for us to learn. No one taught nitrogen cycle was told carbon would remove ammonia and filters didn't have biomedia. It was a brutal time for fish my first fish got sick and luckly I found a family friend that helped me learn things the right way. Even his methods was not the best but was more on track. Things have gotten better for our fishy friends.
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    Yup, that's a good thing about our modern era! Now, we have access to so much more information! And hey, don't feel old, you're simply like a very wise owl, and I guess I'm a young grasshopper! ;)
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    Welcome to the forum and back to fishkeeping. I have kept fish on and off for 60 plus years and I understand what your saying about the changes. Heck when I was born TV hadn't even been invented yet never mind the computer. There is a lot of good info on here and nice people. What kind of turtle did the kids find?.....Alison
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    Hello Alison
    The turtle is an eastern river cooter. looks very similar to red ear slider or yellow belly slider and is often mistaken for the yellow belly. He is just a baby when got him or her. It was the size of a quarter it is now the size of a silver dollar. They can get to 16 inches so between him and the Bala sharks will have to come up with a bigger home for them one day. Glad we found a turtle since you can not buy anything under 4 inches in pet store due to the salmanella scare people had years ago. I had turtles before and raised them from when they where the size of a dime to big ole guys. I tried to enter my tank info into profile but i guess i dont have enough post to qualify as a member yet.
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    Alison got a question for you with your experence in fish keeping. I was wondering what kind of pumps you used orginally, and if you still had any. It would be neat to see pics of those old pumps. I was lucky enough to have aquaclears shortly after they came out, I thought I had some of my old pumps but havent been able to find them yet in boxes. Starting to think i might have gave them away to someone in family that was starting out.
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    My first tank was a 10 gal tank with a little air pump that connected to a little clear filter box via airline tubing, that sat on the gravel inside the corner of the tank that held some charcoal and some filter floss. When it started to get dirty, you took it out, threw out the charcoal and floss, scrubed it out with brushes till clean then put everything fresh in, and put it back in the tank. How my guppies survived and had babies I have no idea but they did. I really never paid that much attention to the pumps that I had . My guess would be tetra or whatever brands were common. I did have one hob filter once on one 29 gal but that was a lot of years ago. I also have always been very fond of turtles. In the 5&10 cent stores they used to have the little red eared sliders that had their shells painted with flowers and designs on them .the whole top of the shell was painted till it was finally outlawed, thank God. I used to pick up a baby snapper every year and keep it till the next year. Bring it back, to where I found it and bring home another baby snapper . Did that for a lot of my younger years. I also got back into turtles for a while in my late 20's and had an austrailin side neck, 2 reeves turtles from Japan, a spotted bog turtle. On my current three tanks ,10 gal each I run cascade 400 internal filters on 2 of them and an aquaclear hob 30 on the third tank. I did have aquaclear on all three but had problems with them. I really like the cascades for me, they are easier and do a good job. Alison:;hi1
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