Back from the dead with a 75 gallon Amazonian

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I have good news, and I have good news. 1) I'm still alive, 2)I just went AWOL from most of the web forums I visit in order to um... decomplexify... (I guess I could have used simplify!) my hobbies. After I had the male betta holocaust I kind of lost my enthusiasm for a few weeks. But... as it happens time after time... a new project rolls around and all of of a sudden you are back on the ball.

Enough blathering!

Time for the tank. I got a new camera for christmas (FujI s1800 - one of the "superzooms" - or as I call em - too poor for an SLR cameras) so as I play around with it I'll load this thread with pics.

Here is me 75. 152lbs of rock (@ .12 a lb) arranged in such a way as to attempt to resemble machu piccu. If you get drunk and squint, it does kind of look like that... sort of.

No bones about it, this is an angelfish tank. They visually dominate it and it was built for them. Up and running for a month now. Just added the Paleatus swarm from quarantine. Love the kitties!

Still need to get a good picture of Ghost, in prison terms poor Ghost is the "Bottom". In fact it goes The Goldie & Peru love couple --> Stripes --> Ghost.

And one pic of another of the Cichlid fishes. My beautiful, plump Big Boy Ram.

More photos to come over the next week.

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welcome back bro. nice tank.

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Hello BunnyPuncher,

Beautiful tank and fish! Congrats on the new camera too! Nice to see you back on line.

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It is good to be back.

Lots of drama in the real world over the last few months. Had a great week off to decompress and now everything is groovy (except the fact that I need to get up for work in um... 3 hours... and I'm wide awake.)

Thanks for the welcome backs.

Ken: If you come back to this thread:

Why the heck do Parrots press together in the corners of the tank in the shops when people are around? Tight as marmalade in a jar tight. Every batch I've seen in San Antonio squish together as soon as somebody goes near the tanks. I haven't seen anything like it in the fish they are rumored to be derived from so I'm wondering where this herd behavior comes from.
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Good morning,

Bloody Parrots are very timid and shy as juveniles and frighten easily. They group together tightly in corners for safety purposes. Too, safety in numbers .

As they mature, it will be rare that they hide at all. I have juveniles that I've had since June of 2010. They are out and about at feeding time with no issues. However, when I walk into the room suddenly, they hide. Once I sit still they come out and are very sociable.

My adult Bloody Parrots never hide.

It takes Bloody Parrots longer to adapt to their environment more so than any fish that I've ever seen.

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Welcome back! I'll be following your tank progress. Looks like you are off to a great start!
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It's great to have you back!

Awesome looking tank and you have some fabulous looking fish!
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Welcome back! You have a nice tank. =D


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